April 23, 2015

Nash: 6 Months

Height: TBD
Weight: TBD - I'm guessing 20/21lbs
Teeth: 2


I almost couldn't bring myself to write this post. I didn't want to have your 6 month pictures taken over the weekend either, but I ended up doing both of these things for one reason: over the last month, you and your sister have been my happy.  When I didn't think it was physically possible to keep going, you smiled at me with your sweet eyes and willed me to move forward.  And when life seemed too heavy to handle, you babbled and squealed and reminded me that there is still so much good in this world. 

Last month when I wrote this post my brother was here...this month he's not.  Just seeing those words typed out on the screen makes me feel like my heart is being ripped out of my chest.  It's been three weeks and I still can't believe he's actually gone.  My heart aches knowing that you will never know your Uncle Josh here on earth...but I trust in our Lord's promise and I know you'll get the chance to build a relationship with him someday.

Even though a monthly update seems petty and somewhat silly in the midst of so much heartache...I also know now more than ever how important memories are.  And right now I'm in charge of your memories...so here goes...

You have two bottom teeth. It was a struggle but they finally popped through at the beginning of the month.

You can hear another baby cry from a mile away--and it always concerns you.  We'll be at Target when a baby 3 aisles over whimpers...you start looking around trying to find the source, and then you look at me like "are you going to help him or what?" 

We officially have a sitter.  I still pad you with pillows just in case, but you're pretty steady--and you love the view.

Oh I hope I can write this without jinxing it...but you miraculously slept through the night the last two nights.  And by that I mean you slept from 7pm-5am, I fed you when you woke up, and then you went back down until almost 8am.  I'm not sure if it was the awful week of crying it out we did, or the fact that you hit that magical 6 month mark...or maybe a little bit of both?  I really don't care--all I know is that I hope it never ends!!

Naps are improving too. One day this week you took 2 solid naps--almost 1.5 hrs each.  It was pretty awesome, but it also kept us at home most of the day.  I just need to remind myself that it won't last forever.

You are officially "Nashy" to Arden.  I'm sure you're going to love that one in high school ;)

You love to look out and see the world.  I do all of my shopping with you in the Ergo360 now and you don't make a peep--you just smile and flirt with old ladies at the grocery store ;)  We've also been using the 2nd seat attachment in our stroller, which makes walks pretty exciting for you.  There's a great big world outside of the carseat!

I'm considering trying an amber bracelet to help with your monsoon drooliness.  Hey, I'll try anything once...

Your babbling has really taken off the last month.  I love hearing all the new sounds you discover!

I think you might just be a "he'll eat anything" kind of kid.  So far you've had cereal, sweet potatoes, squash, prunes and bananas...and you may as well have licked the bowls clean.  Maybe you'll teach your picky sister a thing or two about veggies ;)

Oh Nash, you are so precious to me.  You are a gift from God and one that I will never take for granted.  Thank you for making me smile when I didn't think it was possible.

I love you with my whole heart,

It still hurts to look at this picture and know that it's the only one I took of the two of you together...but someday I hope it means a lot to you.

March 27, 2015

Nash: 5 Months!

Height: TBD
Weight: 19 lbs


I usually take notes on my phone throughout the month so that I can refer back to them when I'm writing these posts.  Well this month my note just said: "sleep" followed by about 8 thumbs down emojis.  So yeah...you're lucky you're so darn cute ;)

I don't know where we went wrong in the sleep department, but now we're seeing your adorable face around 10:30, 1, 3, 5, etc.  It's brutal...just brutal. After taking you to the doctor multiple times to have your ears checked, I think I've decided it's developmental--with a possible side of teething.  There's a part of me that wants to do anything in my power to fix it, but another part of me that feels like there's nothing we can do other than letting it run it's course.  But check back with me at 6 months...I may be ready for some tough love if this goes on another month ;)

My favorite thing this month has been watching your relationship with Arden grow.  Seeing the way you admire her and the way she loves to entertain you makes those first couple rough months all worth it.  Sometimes when she's loving on you and you're laughing and cooing, I just have to step back and take it all in.  I still can't believe you're both mine.  

I'm interested to see if you sit up on your own over the next month.  You're really trying to, but that big ol' tummy gets in the way and sends you backwards most of the time.  So we shall see!

The weather has been so nice lately and we've been taking advantage of it as much as possible.  I put you in the Ergo360 whenever we go to the park--and you love it.  You've never once fussed in that thing...even when the bucket hat I put on you was covering your eyes for who knows how long!  Whoops!

Your thighs get more scrumptious by the day. That's all.

Your dad claims you're going to be a crazy and out of control toddler...but I'm not sure I agree.  Even if you turn out to be rough and tumble, I know you're going to have a sweet side too.  You can't not be sweet with a smile like yours!

I'm not sure I'd ever heard a baby fart like a grown man...until you.  Holy moly, child.
Let's just say I know who you got that gene from--and it wasn't me!!

You started PT this month for a mild case of torticollis.  Basically, it just means that because of the way you were curled up in the womb, the muscles on one side of your neck are tighter than the other.  I've been pretty stressed about it causing a flat spot on one side of your head...but after 3 appointments and lots of stretching at home, I'm happy to say you're getting all straightened out and your flat spot is pretty much gone :)  

You were baptized this month!  More to come on that...but it was so very special.

I don't know how soon they'll pop through, but we can definitely see your bottom 2 teeth under the gums.  Of course now that I've mentioned it, you'll be toothless at your first birthday. Ha!

Naps are still short.  Your sister's started getting longer at 6 months...so if you're the competitive type, you could just start doing it now.  Okay? 

You've started leaning to me when someone else is holding you.  I just love that.

Nash, you are my chubby little sweetheart. And even though you don't sleep...I love you so much I can hardly stand it.  I can't wait to see what the next month holds.  And if that's lots of restful nights, you won't hear me complaining ;)

Love you,

March 4, 2015

Arden Says

You know that saying "kids say the darndest things?"  Well I totally get it now.  
Arden turned 2.5 last week, but sometimes I feel like she's 12.5...especially when she says things like, "shall we do a puzzle now, mommy?"  She's apparently British now too, so there's that ;)

Here are some of my favorite Arden quotes as of late...

"Mommy, go get Daddy's Valentine out of the car. He needs it." 
There went that surprise!

(about everything) 

"No boots on the couch!"
My little OCDer in the making.

"I didn't take a nap because I was saying lots of prayers"
How do I argue with that?

"What you talking, mom?"
Translation: "who are you talking to" OR "what are you talking about".  It's interchangeable apparently.

"I NEED your phone"
Who cares about food, water, and shelter...she NEEDS to watch someone in China open chocolate eggs.

Everything is happening "omorrow"...or happened "esterday" 
Not sure what happened to the t's and y's!

Me: "Did you have fun at church today?" 
Arden: "I sure did!"

"Ima take my vitamin so I can get big.  And when I get big I can use your markers"
I'm actually quite impressed with that logic!

Flamingo = "Fla-fingo"
Armadillo = "Farmadillo"
Picnic = "Pick-a-pick"

"Nice job, mommy."
I love being praised for buckling her in her car seat!

Me: "Hey sweet pea" (or any other nickname).
Arden: "No, I'm not a sweet pea...I'm Arden Quinn."

About Nash...
"He spit up." --she always says this so nonchalantly and then goes on about her business.
"He's got a booger. Get it out." Yes ma'am!

Arden: "What's the noise?"
Me: I don't know, what is it?"
Arden: "TOOT." {giggles}
Oh my...

Love this funny little gal so very much :)