August 18, 2014

Best. Weekend. Ever.

The minute we found out we were leaving Texas, I started planning my first trip back.  
I couldn't bear leaving my friends and not having a return August (for my friend Lauren's sprinkle) it was!  

I knew it was going to be hard to leave Arden behind (especially when I'd be seeing all of her best buddies!) but Chris kept reminding me that it was only for 1 night--and that she'd be in good hands ;)  I had a few last minute temptations to just bring her along--after all, she still had 2 weeks of free flights left--but in the end I'm glad I made the trip solo.  24 hours of girl time was just what I needed!

The minute I saw these girls, we picked up right where we left off.  It was like I lived there again and it felt so good!!!

We got to sprinkle sweet baby Caroline with love...and stock Lauren & Charley up with pink, pink, and more pink!  Oh and I'm still dreaming about that bundt cake...

This girl.  I'm so happy we've gotten to go through this second pregnancy journey together and I can't wait for her sweet little one's arrival in September!!

That evening we had planned to go out to dinner and celebrate my little guy too.  Well it only took about 5 seconds to decide to scratch the fancy restaurant, and trade it in for yoga pants and pizza instead.  That's how you know you've picked the right friends, people!

I should've known that these girls would go all-out and spoil our little guy.  Thanks to them, he now has clothes! And some pretty darn cute ones at that!  Bow ties, sweaters, plaid shirts...I think I'm totally going to get into dressing a boy :)

I went back to Emily's house that night with such a happy heart.  Moving away from these friends was hard...but this trip only confirmed that distance doesn't matter--these are friendships that are going to last a long time, no matter where we live. 

The next morning started off at brunch with the whole group.  The kids have grown so much in just 3 short month--especially our little Kendall!!! She just gets cuter by the day...

Each of the big kids asked for Arden as soon as they saw me (which kind of broke my heart)...but we improvised and sent selfies back and forth :)

Oh Henry!

And hello, Arden...

Each picture that Chris sent was a surprise...a surprise to see what Arden's hair would look like, that is! 
I think I'll give him an E for Effort? #menchiegirl

After brunch, the 5 of us girls headed to Target for childless shopping.  It might sound silly, but it was actually glorious! Granted, everything we bought was for our children--but it was still a treat! :)

Then we tentatively planned our next get-together (where 2 new babies will be joining us!) and said our goodbyes.  As you can imagine--I cried.  

But luckily the fun wasn't over yet :)  I was so happy to get to see my "computer friends" (HA!) for some lunch and cookies at Tiny's before I flew home.  Emily, Darci & Lindsay spoiled Baby #2 some more (too much!), while we all just enjoyed catching up...although we truly needed 6+ more hours to cover everything!  I'm still kind of in shock, but somehow, someway, we didn't take a picture!  That's just not like us ;)  Regardless, it was great--and I decided I'm gonna need to fly in for our next girls night.  Time spent with those girls is just good for my soul!

So there you have it--my perfect weekend in Houston. Thank you to my sweet friends for making it so very special...and thanks to this dude for taking care of everything at home and encouraging me to enjoy the time away.

Hope to see you again very soon, H-Town!

August 15, 2014

Checking In!

Well hello!  Worst blogger ever here.  
But really...between the new house, baby prep (the prep I'm doing in my mind counts, right?), a big 2nd birthday on the way, and Mother's Day Out starting next week...I'm a bit of a frazzled mess.  
I haven't read a blog in weeks (so when you get 16 comments from me in September, don't be surprised--I'll just be catching up!), and my DVR is filling up quickly...I mean, I don't even know if there's a new season of RHONJ or if DirecTV is playing a mean joke on me and taping reruns.  Clearly, I'm all out of sorts these days ;)

That being said, I've got 10 minutes and a bunch of random stuff to I'm joining Karli and Amy for another edition of Oh Hey, Friday!


Donut party prep is finally underway...sort of. As much as I wanted to have a big shindig to celebrate our sweet 2-year-old, I decided my sanity was more important.  Plus I knew Arden would be happy with a bag of donut holes and a new book...she's easy to please, I tell you!

So anyway, we're keeping things small with just cousins and a couple little friends...and I'm focusing on not overdoing it.  So far that hasn't been a problem though!
This donut garland is the only thing I've actually made for the party...and for once I'm totally okay with that :)


Meet new BFF.  After about 2 days with dark hardwoods, I knew I was either going to
a. go completely cuckoo over the dust and dog hair that would consume my life or
 b. buy a Roomba.

I opted for the latter and I'm sooooo glad I did!
We've only had Mona for a couple of weeks, but I'm already prepared to declare it: she's a life-changer.  I start her up before heading to bed each night...and then we wake up to clean hardwood floors.
Worth. Every. Penny.


I got the most adorable package in the mail yesterday from the sweet Jillian at Bella Carta Boutique--custom weekly pregnancy signs.  I'm obsessed with the design and I can't wait to start using them to document my final 10 weeks!  Maybe pretty signs were what I needed all along to keep myself accountable! ;) 


Speaking of our little squash (hmm...I think we'll try to avoid that as a nickname!)...his bedroom walls should have a fresh coat of paint by tonight.  We didn't have to compare a bunch of colors because as soon as Chris slapped some Hale Navy up on the wall, we were both sold.  

I know painting small spaces in dark colors can sometimes be a decorating no-no, but I think it also has the potential to create a really bold look.  Let's hope that's what happens here! #navyorbust

We don't have much in the nursery yet, but what we do have, I love :)


And finally, I'm working on a recap of my trip back to Houston last weekend.  It was a short visit, but an oh-so-sweet one.  Okay, it was literally perfect.

I won't get too sappy just yet...instead I'll leave you with some pretty hilarious selfies that these two characters took while I was gone. 
Love them...

Happy Friday, y'all!!!

August 12, 2014

Summer's Over...

Well technically it lasts another 40-some days...but as far as school calendars are concerned, summer is coming to a sad close.  Of course this doesn't affect Arden too much since she'll only be going to MDO one day a week, but it does affect her big cousins who start school tomorrow!  

Arden's had a ton of fun with her 3 Kansas cousins this summer.  And the great part is: we're here to I anticipate a fun Fall too! :)

Good luck to all the mom's sending their kiddos off to school this week and next.  We are meeting Arden's Mother's Day Out teacher tonight and I'm going to try my best not to get emotional about just that! ;)