July 1, 2015

Red, White & Cute.

Last week I professed my love for little ones clad in red, white and blue...and today I'm ready to prove it.  Happy 1st day of July from these little firecrackers!

dress: H&M | suspender shorts: Babies R Us
 I must've been a sight when Chris got home from work yesterday...jumping up and down, making frog noises (Nash's fave), and sweating like a large man. All in the name of a cute 4th of July picture, y'all ;)

Totally worth it if you ask me...

LizSaraErinKristyNatalie and myself would love for you to link up with us and share your pics on Instagram too (#starspangledkids)!  The linkup will be live all the way through the weekend so you can share pictures from the actual 4th of July holiday if you want. 

I can't wait to hop around and see all the festive cuteness! Thanks for joining us!!!

June 26, 2015

Star Spangled Kids: A Link Up!

I'm not gonna lie, I get overly excited to check social media on a holiday.  I love scrolling through picture after picture of kiddos decked out in their festive best!  And with the 4th of July quickly approaching, I can't wait to get Arden and Nash geared up in their red, white, and blue too!  Nash wasn't here yet last summer, but this picture of Arden and her cousins is probably my favorite ever.  I mean, golly...doesn't it make you want to go sing The Star-Spangled Banner and light some bottle rockets?!? ;)

This year I'm honored to be hosting a fun little Star Spangled Kids link up with Liz, Sara, Erin, Kristy and Natalie...and I hope you'll join us too!  Starting Wednesday, July 1st, post pictures of your patriotic little ones out in the blogosphere and come back here to link up with us!  The link up will run through the weekend so you can take your pics throughout the holiday weekend as well.  And be sure to use the #StarSpangledKids hashtag on Intagram too!

Can't wait to see all your little firecrackers!!!

Happy weekend, friends :)

June 19, 2015

Happy Things - 5 on Friday

It's finally Friday! And what better way to catch up on summer fun that with a Five on Friday post? :)



Arden had her first sleepover! My parents bravely hosted all 5 (big) grandkids on a Thursday night, and to say little miss was in heaven would be an understatement.  I went down in the basement where she and her cousins were watching a movie and she got kind of upset because she thought we were leaving.  When I gave her a kiss and told her to be good, she got the biggest grin on her face and said "okay, BYE!" In other words...you can leave now!

I sent my mom a text that night around 9:30 to see how things went and her response was: "well, last time I checked Luke was making fart noises and Arden was cackling". HA!  And that little stinker was the last one to fall asleep at almost 11...you know, a good 3.5 hours after her normal bedtime.  

It's hard to believe that our little slumber party animal was in a crib just a couple of months ago.  They sure do grow up fast. Tear!


Speaking of cribs...Arden's has now found it's home in our basement.  Taking it's place is my old bedroom set that my dad painted for her!  It may take me awhile to completely finish this room, but I'm loving the way it has come together so far.  I'd surely switch places with her if I could!

I'm hoping to finish off this wall by adding some white mounted antlers above the bed.  More pics to come!


Just a bunch of pictures to prove that Nash is a maniac.  Unlike his sister who took her sweet time to crawl and pull up, he decided to do them both on the same day at 7 months old.  And then there was the time I set him in our empty bathtub so I could change out of my wet swimsuit...and 10 seconds later I heard water running.  Oh you know, he had just pulled himself up and turned on the hot water.  Guess I won't be doing that again!

My mom keeps saying he needs a mouth guard...I'm thinking a full-body padded suit!!!

Apparently Arden and Hazel weren't as impressed with his yoga skills as I was...

I thought it was really cute when I started finding him like this after naps...

Until one morning I found this.  Why oh why do my children eat their cribs?!  Needless to say, there's now a rail guard up!!


We went to a family wedding in Wichita last weekend and Arden had a ball! 

From the phone that made that funny noise (the dial tone!)...

...to cuttin a rug on the dance floor.

I'd say she's ready for Uncle Tay Tay and Kelly's wedding in July!!! We can't wait!


And just in case you'd like to see something other than pictures of my kids...does this new Rifle Paper Co. planner make you as happy as it does me?  And is July too early to start my Christmas list? ;)
Happy weekend, friends!