October 22, 2014

Weekend Recap: Fishies and Choo-Choos

So maybe it's more of a Saturday recap...because Saturday was just awesome.  After cheering on our cats to a victory (go state!), we spent the rest of the day at Crown Center celebrating our only child. Raise your hand if you're tired of hearing me boohoo about Arden not being the baby anymore?!  Sorry--I promise to lock that up soon...but in the meantime, we're having some fun making her feel really special and talking to her about all of the fun that's to come.  I think she's starting to get excited about it too, because these are some of things she's been saying lately...

One random morning last week when I got her out of bed: "Mommy and Daddy go to the hospital...Gigi and Papa stay with you".  Apparently she's ready to get us out of the house!!

"Baby brother's gonna be ZERO!"  She's also been practicing happy birthday so she can sing it to him :)

"Baby brother's gonna have brown hair...no white...like Arden"  The jury is still out on that one, girly!  And it just cracks me up that she refers to her own hair as "white".

"I'm a be a big sister! Henry's gonna be a big brother!"  He may be hundreds of miles away, but she still talks about her Texas boyfriend Henry every day :)

Here are some pics from our fun little family outing downtown...

1.  Who could pass up a shot in front of the blue fountains? Go Royals!

2. "Der's a Pout Pout fish!" She referenced one of her favorite books a LOT at the aquarium.

3. The Sealife Aquarium, while a little pricey for adults, was pretty awesome.  It was actually geared towards younger kids in a lot of ways...lots of little nooks and crannies that were just Arden's size.

4. Why are my parents making me pose with this creepy Lego girl?

5. Next stop: Fritz's!  If you're not familiar with it, Fritz's is a diner where you order on a phone and then a little train comes around the tracks and drops your food down to you.  As if my child needed anything to get her excited about fried food and shakes ;)

6. Our little conductor was in awe.

7. Just a "family of 3" selfie before heading home.

8.  I dare you guys to take this shake away from me.  Dare you...

9.  After a bath, books, and bedtime, Chris and I spent the rest of the evening here--catching up on Scandal.  Have I ever mentioned that I love fall?

Not a bad day, really ;)

October 20, 2014

A Little Love for the Big Sister

We're in the home stretch, people!  The nursery is done, I've written out an "Arden Plan" for Gigi and Papa, and our hospital bags are packed...including a little something for the big sister.

Because she needs love too :)

Flora the Fawn Tote - How precious is this bag?  I think Arden can use it as a dance bag after she carries all her goodies home from the hospital!

Splash the Cat Mini Doll - Arden's never really gotten attached to a stuffed animal--but I'm secretly hoping this is the one.  The cutest cat ballerina that you ever did see!

Veggie Tales Sunday School Favorites CD - Because our original Veggie Tales CD will forever take me back to the first trimester nausea.  It's time for something new!

Max & Ruby - Berry Bunny Adventures - We have a couple Max & Ruby DVDs passed down from my sister and Arden thinks they are such a treat!  $5 on Amazon Prime? Done deal.

The stickers, book, bracelets, and pony figurines were all Target Dollar Spot purchases that I just know Arden is going to love.  I also plan to add some of her favorite candy, which will inevitably trump all the gifts I've actually put thought into...but that's okay :)

And in case anyone gets confused about who the big sister is...she'll be labeled.
I just love this shirt!

We're ready when you are little guy! 

October 17, 2014


Linking up with some of my favorites today--Darci, Natasha, April & Christina!


It's hard to believe, but it's been eight years since this precious little nugget made me an aunt.
It was one of the best days of my life, and I remember it like it was yesterday...

Maren is the sweetest, smartest and wittiest 8-year-old you'll ever meet.  Just ask her fan club president :)

We celebrated the birthday girl with burgers, karaoke & nail-painting.  Good times had by all!

We love you, Maren!  :)



I always look forward to Encouraging Wednesdays over at French Press Mornings.
Love, love, love.



When we moved into our house about 3 months ago, I started a list of projects that I hoped we could accomplish before the baby was born...because I know full-well that I won't do a darn thing for 6 months after he's born :)  Giving our master a facelift was last to be checked off of the list--and I'm just in love with the result!

The barn door is an old one from my in-laws' barn.  I mean, how cool is that?
Chris added a coat of this driftwood stain, and it was ready to go.  It's even more gorgeous than I could've imagined!



How 'bout them Royals?!?
They're going to the World Series for the first time since the year I was born!!  Perhaps our little man will be able to say that they won it the year he was born too? :)

This weekend I'm jumping on the KC Heart bandwagon and trying to track these down for Arden and baby #2...  

If any KC friends know where you can get them locally (so we don't have to wait for shipping), I'd love to know!  I've been gone for too long and feel so out of the loop!



This just in:  Halloween is 2 weeks away.  HOW?!?
And we all know that after the costumes have been donned, and the insane amount of candy eaten....it's time to start thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas :)  Since I plan to be snuggling a little bambino by the end of this month (eeeek!!!!), I've called on a few amazing blog friends to help me keep this place hoppin!  

So get excited to "Say Hello to the Holidays" in November and December!  A fun little lineup of guest bloggers will be sharing all things Thanksgiving & Christmas....including recipes, family traditions, holiday fashion, activities for the little ones, etc.  In a nutshell: lots and lots of holiday goodness :)

Happy Friday, friends--and thanks for stopping by!!