January 23, 2015

Nash: 3 Months!

Height: TBD
Weight: Around 16lbs
Head: TBD


We survived the 4th trimester!  That teeny-tiny little Benjamin Button is gone...and a super-smiley, roly-poly Nash has taken his place.  After I lay you down at night I just stare at you (it's a mom thing).  I can't even believe that this time last year we were just preparing for our transfer, not knowing what would happen--and now here you are, our chubby little angel baby.  What an amazing blessing you are.

Here's what's been going on this month...

You squirm and grunt when you smile.  It's like you're SO happy that you need another way to prove it :)
That smile though...it melts me!

That original baby hair is falling out in clumps and some lighter brown fuzz is coming in.  Of course, you're still partying in the back...who knows what is going to happen there!

You're ticklish!  I didn't even know that was possible at this point, but you give the sweetest little giggles when we tickle you under your arms. 

Favorite past-times include: watching Arden twirl around in circles, talking to mommy and daddy, watching the lights in the activity gym, and I hate to admit it--but it seems as though you're drawn to the TV.  Should I be worried that you can spot a football game on a TV in the next room?  Men!  But really, we might have to monitor that ;)

You have the greatest pouty lip ever.  There have been a few times that I've sneezed while holding you...and...oh my.  You stuck that lip out and let it quiver for about 10 seconds before you let out the saddest wails! It made me never want to sneeze again!

You like to be upright.  I don't feel like you're quite ready for the bumbo yet, but you like to sit in Arden's Pottery Barn chair and just check things out (while I'm right there, of course).  I think it's just nice to have a different vantage point sometimes.

Naps are 30 minutes--on the dot.  Darn sleep cycles.  But hey, I'll take what I can get.

Speaking of naps, you are 9 million times easier to put down that your sister was.  It's usually a matter of patting and shooshing for a couple minutes and then you're out like a light.  And if you're feeling crazy and decide to take a pacifier, it's even quicker.  Nope--I still haven't given up on the pacifier thing :)

Your first visit to the gym nursery was a success!  They said you slept the majority of the time and I felt like a new woman after yoga class. I can't wait to get back in the groove and stop doing endless laps around the track!! Side note: I slathered you in Mustela lotion before we went just to make sure the teachers loved you. Ha! A little trick that Gigi taught me when Arden was a baby.

Arden calls you Nash man, Nashy boy, big guy, honey, mister, and baby brudder.  She loves you and still insists on holding you at least once a day.

You're really chunking up this month.  A sweet little butterball...I could eat you up!!

And the greatest milestone this month: SLEEP!  You stopped waking up at night around 10 weeks and are now sleeping from 8pm-6/7am.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I'm going to enjoy the heck out of these nights because I know that 4-month sleep regression is lurking around the corner. Dun dun dun.

It's been a great month, little man.  I can't wait to see what #4 has in store for us.

Couldn't love you more...

Don't ask...just don't ask :)

First New Years kiss--ha!

Hugs not headlocks.

Hey, at least we got you blue swaddles :)

I'm not sure I can handle 3 just yet!

January 9, 2015

Merry Chris, Chris, Chris...aaahh, Happy New Year!

Christmas has come and gone...but we're still listening to the Chipmunk Holiday album like it's goin' out of style.  Apparently Arden didn't get the "no Christmas music after Christmas memo"...and honestly, I'm okay with that ;)

I've been a little quiet around these parts lately. Just enjoying the holidays with my little family and still trying to figure out this life with two kids thing.  It's getting easier (and even more fun) every day...but wow...it was tough for awhile.  That's another post for another day though, my friends!

Here's a {very photo-heavy} recap of our Christmas.  The things I always want to remember...

First and foremost: Cousin Eddie. Only 1,000 times cuter :)

Our random Wednesday trip to Crown Center and Union Station with Gigi & Papa.
Arden walked in and shouted, "it's the biggest Christmas tree EVER!!!"  If you haven't read the book, you're kind of lucky.  Let's just say it's the one I always shuffle to the back when it's time to pick out bedtime books ;)

I definitely want to make Union Station a Christmas tradition.  It's magical!

The third and final trip to see Santa was a success!
Arden's only request: "I want a Christmas tree."

A fun morning with these peeps!

Celebrating Christmas in Great Bend...in matching jammers!

Every child's dream...every neighbor's nightmare.  Thanks for that quote, Gina! ;)

My MIL put together an awesome dress-up wardrobe for Arden...
and I'm pretty sure this is the first time Grandpa has played dress-up with princess heels :)

2 out of 4 looking ain't bad ;)

On Christmas Eve we celebrated with my family, and Arden got her first American Girl doll...a Bitty Baby named Charlotte!  Or Scarlett.  She changes her name every day, and is very adamant that Charlotte/Scarlett be called whatever name she has chosen for the day ;)

Is there anything cuter than a baby doll Ergo? I think not...

Snack break!

Whatever they're watching must be good...even Nash and the dogs are interested. 

It's true: they're related!

A goofy cousins pic...complete with a kiss for Papa :)

This Christmas craft left Arden asking for "snowmen hats" for days...

Sweet smiles for Aunt Melissa :)

Will + Nash. 
Also, Will has the best hair...like ever.

This kid should've been a big brother.  I'm trying to convince my sister and brother-in-law that it's not too late!! ;)

Our first Christmas as a family of FOUR!
And Hazel's butt.

Santa on the guitar...now that's entertainment!

Cute cute cousins!  

Santa and her much taller elf...


Someone was excited to leave cookies for Santa...and don't forget a carrot for Rudolf!

A chocolate Christmas tree...times 6!

Christmas morning fun...

Not only did Santa deliver with the chocolate Christmas trees...but he left a little something in the basement too.  I'm pretty sure this is going to be the gift that keeps on giving.  Fun for years to come!

Total. Hit.

Man down...

Make that two :)

And possibly my favorite picture of all time.
I can't...I just can't....

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas...we certainly did!  
And while I'm at it--Happy New Year from my crazy family to yours!