September 18, 2014

A little bit of this, a little bit of that...

But mostly pictures and videos of my kid.  Whoops!
But I figure if you've been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know what to expect :)

This list is totally random, but hey, that's just kind of the way my mind works these days...


Arden loves dance class.  If she's not asking to go to school, she's asking to wear her "wee-o-tard" and go to dance.  The 2 places she goes without me...should I be hurt?!? ;)

Anywho, last Friday all my girl-mom dreams came true.  I'm not sure what I love most...Arden's awkwardness (sorry girl, it might be genetic) or her pose at the end.  Oh and did I mention that her sub teacher in the video is one of my best friends?!  We danced together for years and now our girls are dancing together.  I love it!!!


Now don't go thinking Arden is the only ballerina in the house.
So sorry, Hazel...I feel your pain with those love-handles.


It wasn't easy, but I survived without an Ikea for an entire 4 months!! I made a few purchases to send with the movers before we left Houston, and the KC Ikea finally opened last week!  My mom and I made a trip there on Friday and got a ton of great stuff to use throughout the house.  

Finally a little flare for our butler's pantry artwork and plants (the buckets are from Home Depot).  It still needs something else, but at least it's not a big empty canvas staring me in the face every day...

And Arden finally scored a circus tent!  I've always wanted to get this for her, but we just never had the space.  When we set it up over the weekend she said "Oh WOW--look at that house!!!" And then she didn't come out for an hour :)

It also came in handy Saturday morning when we were organizing the basement and doing some garage sale prep.

Notice the baby toys?  Someone has been having a hay-day since we found that box!!!


So about that garage sale...we're having a joint one with my sister this weekend and I'm SO ready to get rid of some, I mean...awesome stuff ;) 

in just a matter of hours, my sister's garage was transformed into a Good Will. Come and get it people!


On Saturday we celebrated my sweet friend Angie and her little guy on the way!  Jenni, Angie and I have been friends since 7th grade and now we get to be boy mom's together.  I can't wait :)


This kid...

I love her so.


And the other one? His room is starting to come together.  
I can't wait to share it all once we're done...if we're ever done? ;)


This picture just makes my heart happy.  One of my best friends in Houston welcomed her new baby girl into the world yesterday.  It pains me not to be able to visit them at the hospital right now, but I'm loving the pictures of sweet Caroline and her big brother Hudson!!!


Note to self: try not to be pregnant in September/October ever again....or have some self control.  

Let's just say this child is either going to love him some candy corn or HATE it.  


In less sugary fall news, I finally finished a basket for our front door.  I found some leaves at Homegoods and then added some branches and pheasant feathers I kept from our wedding centerpieces.  

It just makes me happy when I pull in to the driveway...especially when you can see a little Frenchie nose peeking up over the window :) #shortdogproblems


You guys, my friend Emily is probably the most creative person on earth.  If you haven't seen the relaunch of her site, Dear Owen & Co, you need to go check it out!  I adore her style and how she mixes it in with fun activities and spaces for the little ones.  I'm swooning over all of her gorgeous design boards...

I know this launch has been a labor of love for Emily--and it's so evident! I'm so very happy for her!


Okay, one more thing...Go Cats! Beat Auburn!!!!!  We're off to Manhattan!

September 16, 2014

Gone Fishin' - A Busy Bag DIY

Happy Tuesday, friends!  Hope you're all getting a touch of this glorious autumn weather we've had in Kansas the past couple days.  I am slightly terrified of the winter ahead, but boy have I missed FALL!

As part of our Busy Bag Blogger Swap (say that 10 times fast!), last week I shared the fun felt food activities that Natalie and Blair sent us.  And since that post, Arden has decorated approximately 7,000 cupcakes.  I tell ya, the girl is obsessed! 

Today I want to share with you another one of her obsessions: fishing.  No, not the real thing.  In fact, the one time we took her fishing this summer she had a full-on, body-flailing meltdown because she wasn't allowed to get in and swim with the fish.  Better luck next year?!  Anyway, this "Go Fish" activity is one that never leaves my diaper bag and has been a lifesaver at multiple restaurants, airports, etc.  My sweet friend Emily made it for a busy bag exchange we did earlier this I straight-up stole her idea and sent it over to Erinn and Ashlynn for some fish-catching fun!

Here's the step-by-step to creating your own...

(I found everything listed here at Wally World!)

5 sheets of colored felt + 1 blue sheet for the water
1 small plastic tackle box with 5 compartments
1 wooden skewer
5 flat washers
1 small round magnet
wiggly eyes (optional)
hot glue gun & scissors

The first step is to make your tracing fish using some scrap paper.
By the way, you get bonus points if you don't have to google and print out "fish clipart" like I did :)

Cut out 2 felt fish from your first color...then glue a washer to the middle of one of the fish.
Next you'll hot-glue the 2 sides together, with the washer sandwiched in between.

Repeat with the other 4 colors and add your wiggly eyes!

Cut the pointy side off of the skewer and size it down to about 4-5 inches.
Put a line of hot glue down one end of the skewer and start wrapping your "fishing line" around it.  You'll then add the magnet to the other end of the string.

Measure and cut some of the remaining felt to fit in the stalls...and a bigger piece on the inside of the lid, which will serve as the "ocean".  Glue all of the felt into the tackle box.

Add some simple instructions...

And the very final step--catch some fish!

Just a little disclaimer: these pictures were taken after an afternoon at the pool--hence Arden's diaper-only attire.  Next time I'm planning to share a DIY on the ol' blog, I'll try to have her fully-clothed ;)

Before sending our package off to Erinn and Ashlynn, I added The Pout Pout Fish...simply because it's the cutest book EVER!

Do you have a busy bag creation to share?!  We'd love for you to join us by linking up below and hopping around to get some great new ideas as well.  Let the busy box crafting begin! :)

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September 9, 2014

Staying BUSY

I'm so excited to have been involved in a fun busy bag swap this week with some of my favorite bloggers!  The rules were simple--with $15 or less, we were each tasked with creating an activity bag for a fellow blogger's kiddo(s).  Whether it was gathering things from our own homes or hitting up the dollar spot at Target, we did our best to come up with learning activities the would keep toddlers interested and occupied, while keeping the cost low.

When we lived in Texas I did a busy bag swap with some friends in our neighborhood where we each made 10 bags of our particular activity, swapped them at the party, then came home with 10 different bags.  It was an awesome way to not only get ideas for fun things to do with Arden, but also to come home with all of the supplies we needed right there.  Basically, whatever mom came up with this idea is a genius!

We were so excited to receive a package in the mail from Natalie and Blair...especially since we know from experience that Blair sends the best gifts! ;)  Arden still plays with the baby booster seat from our holiday gift exchange pretty much daily!

And once again, sweet little Blair did not disappoint!  In the package were three different felt sequencing, ice cream, and cupcakes.  Arden ate it up...almost literally ;)

First we started with the pizza...

At first she just wanted to count the pieces of cheese (the girl loves her cheese), but once I showed her the order that everything went on the crust, she was all about trying to do it herself from the beginning.

At the end of every activity she would say, "we did it! hooray!"

Next it was on to ice cream color matching.  I mean, how cute are these?!

Again, Arden loved it...and tried to lick the felt several times.

Lastly, we made some pretty little cupcakes, which were probably the biggest hit of all.

I think the best part about this activity was that there was no right or wrong answer...she really got to use her creativity and "design" the cupcakes the way she wanted to. 

Once they were all decorated to her liking, she asked me to sing Happy Birthday to her so she could blow out the candles.  She's got an imagination, this one!

These 3 easy activities provided us a full 30 minutes of fun...which really only ended because it was time for lunch!  I know they'll be something we play with A LOT...and I may even bring the ice cream cones around in my diaper bag for restaurants, doctors appointments, etc.

Thanks Natalie & Blair for the package full of fun!!!!

Now I hope you'll hop on over to the other ladies' blogs to see what they received....and if you've got a busy bag idea of your own to share, we'd love for you to join us next Tuesday (9/16) for a link up!  We'll all be posting about the bags that we made and instructions for putting them together.  I can't wait to see all the creative ideas out there!

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