August 27, 2015


Well it finally hit me.  I have a three-year-old!  And I'm a little sad that I'm not super sad about it...does that even make sense?  Of course it makes me nostalgic to look back at her first and second birthdays, but witnessing her transform into a sweet, goofy, imaginative little child is pretty amazing too.  

The big sister role suits her well.  She loves to entertain and Nash loves to laugh, which makes them the perfect pair.  She's always looking out for him, letting me know if he's getting into something he shouldn't be...and sometimes she just makes gagging noises to signal that he's put something gross in his mouth.  It's obviously happened more than once ;)  She's mastered the art of keeping Nash awake in the car when he's trying to drift off right before nap time.  I used to roll down the windows and sing loudly, but now I just give her the go-ahead to act like a lunatic.  Anything to get him to his crib before he crashes!

She's my little artist and can already draw an impressive smiley face.  Like her mom, she loves structure.  She wants to know what's coming next, who will be there, and if snacks will be involved ;)  Like her dad, she likes to warm up to new social situations before exposing the fact that she's a total goofball.  

She loves learning new things and looks forward to school and church days.  It always amazes me how much she soaks up in such a short period of time.  After her first day of preschool she was teaching me songs I'd never heard before and telling me that koala babies are called "joeys" and are carried around in their mommy's pouches after birth.  I started to tell her that I thought she meant kangaroos, but decided to google it first.  Sure enough--she was right...she's always right. #outsmartedbyatoddler #again

She's more emotionally intuitive than I thought a 3-year-old could be.  Sometimes at night she wants to pray for her books, her curtains and her night-light...but other nights, I know she can sense that my heart is heavy because she asks to pray for uncle Josh in heaven.  With her hands clasped together and her eyes shut tight, she wants to make things better for me in her own little 3-year-old way.  I love her and I love her heart.

Don't get me wrong, she challenges us too. A lot. But no matter how many times I have to "count to 3," explain that her toys are also her brother's toys, or beg her to just "rest her eyes" at nap doesn't come close to comparing to the joy she brings us every single day. I love this little gal with everything in me...

shirt: JaandJillKids

And now, proof that hosting birthday parties somewhere other than your home is the  We "flamingled" our hearts out...and then went home to a clean house ;)  It was such a great day!!

cupcake toppers: pink antlers studio

Cheers to three years!

August 13, 2015

3rd Birthday WISH List

First thing's first...congrats to Molly R. for winning the $40 Pie Five gift card! Yay! A huge thank you to everyone who participated, and especially to the P5 gang for hooking Molly up! 

So I may have mentioned this a few (hundred) times, but my first baby is going to be 3 next weekend. I'll save the sappy stuff for later and cut straight to the fun part--gifts :)  It's been fun looking back at the things Arden was interested in her first and second years and comparing them to where she's at now.  Games and crafts are her new obsession, but I'm pretty sure books will always make an appearance on her list.  She's my little book worm.

Here are a few things on Arden's wishlist this year...

Big Girl Books: You can never have too many books, right?  Uni the Unicorn seems like the sweetest story...and the reviews for Dream Animals and The Mermaid and the Shoe are great too.

Tegu Pocket Pouch Wooden Block Set: These handy magnetic blocks encourage creativity and imaginative I love the company's story and mission.  Win win!

Purple Tailgatin' Boots:  Arden doesn't know it, but she'll be getting some similar purple cowgirl boots from her grandma and grandpa! Perfect for K-State tailgates...or any time really ;)

Painting Utensils: Little miss crafty loves paint.  Watercolors, finger paint, puff paint...she's into it all.  Bonus points if it's Frozen themed.  

Do-A-Dot Art Shimmer Markers: These stamping paint markers look to be right up Arden's alley.  I think she'd be all about a Mermaid activity book to go with them too!

Bead Box Kit: I feel like I've been waiting forever for Arden to get to "bracelet-making age"...and alas, she's finally there!  This kit and some silkies should keep her busy for awhile.  Thanks Erin V (and Lex!) for introducing us to the wonderful word of toddler jewelry-making :)

Zingo:  If you ask the birthday girl what she's hoping to get this year, she'll tell you one thing: ZINGO.  She's been obsessed since the first time she played it at Gigi & Papa's--and now she's wishin' and hopin' she'll soon have one of her very own.  

That's all folks! More birthday fun to come soon!

August 7, 2015

Five on Friday

Hey-o Friday!  My house is a mess and I can't see the floor in the laundry room...but both of my kids are napping and I think I'd rather blog (and catch up on RHOC, of course).   So let's get this Five on Friday thing going!


Did you know Gap Factory is now online?  So great, right?!  They're having their Friends & Family sale right now and I scored Nash a ton of new things for $5 or less (with the code FFSALE).  Let's just say, I hope he likes stripes...

The sizes are definitely hit or miss on the Factory site, but I'm okay with that for these kinds of prices!


Last Saturday was such a treat...we actually went to a concert!  Even better, my parents watched the kids (and my sister's kids) overnight!  I'm not sure they'll ever sign up for that job again, but at least we fooled them into it once ;)  Just kidding...I think everyone behaved themselves!

As always, Jason Alden and Kenny did not disappoint.  And even though it was a million degrees in KC that day, we were in the shade for the entire concert and it was actually quite comfortable.  All in all, it was great night (see bottom right picture of Chris and Jimmy for proof)...

Thanks Gigi and Papa for watching the five hooligans so we could pretend to be young again!


Speaking of hooligans.  This dude is EVERYWHERE.  I just hope he doesn't start moving so fast that he loses all that chunk!


I can hardly believe it...only two more weeks until my best girl will be three years old.  THREE! 
She is so into creating right now and I'd be lying if I said that didn't make me totally giddy.  I hope we'll be crafting together for many years to come...
(In case you're wondering...I was involved in the coloring of this picture too--ha!)

As I'm working on her birthday ideas, I'd love to hear what your kids' favorite arts & craft products are.  I've got my eye on Do-A-Dots and some jewelry making kits right now, but need some more ideas! Thanks in advance!


My house is slowly being taken over by antlers...and I kind of love it.  My in-laws find single antlers on their land from time to time and always set them aside for me, and my father-in-law actually scored two great sets for me at an auction a few months back.  How nice is that?!?  Chris painted these white and mounted them, and I attached the flowers for a girly touch.  I love the way they complete this side of the room!  Also, if you'd like your child to stop jumping on the bed just hang some antlers above it. Nap/quiet time has been much tamer since these babies went up ;)


When you don't do a Five on Friday for months, it's kind of hard to narrow it down to five things! ;)  I just realized that I haven't shared some pretty big news on here yet.  Last month I became a contributor for Kansas City Moms Blog!  I'm so honored to be able to join this fantastic network of women and I'm already loving the new challenge.  A special thanks to my friend Lauren for encouraging me to apply...I'm definitely having to step out of my "blogging comfort zone" a little, but I think it's going to be really really great!

That being said, my first post went up on Wednesday!  If you were hoping to learn a life-changing lesson or to be moved by beautiful words...well get to read about fun diaper bag games for toddlers.  Because that's how I roll ;) You can check it out here.  Enjoy!