October 9, 2015

Five things.

Hey there, Friday...it's great to see you again!
Just popping in to share five of my favorite things today...


And this is why I don't take selfies...yikes! If you can get past my awkward face, you'll see my new favorite fall accessory--this jean-jacket sweatshirt thingamabob. It's $34.99 at Target (not listed online yet)...and I pretty much plan on living in it the next couple of months. So comfy and just the right fit!


Arden is LOVING preschool and it makes me so ridiculously happy. Every day she comes home singing new songs and spouting off random facts ("Mom, did you know baby koalas live in their mommy's pouches?")...and this week her class had some special visitors from the farm. Nash and I got to join the fun too and we all fell in love with Dora the pig. I mean, how could you not?


We're busy party planning over here, but taking breaks to work on some little Halloween costumes. I'm dying to show you Arden in her "Indian princess" costume, but I'll save the reveal for the big day. Just know that it was inspired by these cool kids...Sacajwea & Pocahontas circa 1991. Don't you love my sister's sweet perm?!?

My dad made our acorn necklaces back then, so of course I asked him to do the same for Arden.  I can't wait to share pics of our little cowboy and indian duo on Halloween!


Fall TV is back! We started watching two new shows--Blood & Oil and Quantico, and I'm really liking both of them. Then of course there are my old favorites: Nashville, Scandal, and Homeland.  Basically, more shows then I can ever keep up with...but that makes for good binge-watching on a Friday or Saturday night. Yep, we're so cool. 

Do you have any favorite new shows??



Happy weekend, friends! We're off to MHK to cheer on the cats!!!


October 7, 2015

The Makings of a Perfect Fall Weekend

Crisp autumn air: check.
Bonfire: check.
Football: check.
Chili in the crockpot: check.
Pumpkins: check.
Mums: check.

Perfect fall weekend? Check, check, check.

I really do wish every day was a Saturday in the fall!!

We started this past weekend off with pizza and s'mores at our neighbor's house. If only we lived right next door to Sarah and Craig so that the fun could continue after we put our kids to bed!! Instead we headed back to our house and settled for the Royals game (and reading a few blogs) on the back porch...which wasn't too shabby either, I suppose ;)

 Saturday was all about the pumpkin patch! Every year my mom and dad gets some awesome passes from their insurance agent and we have gotten really good at mooching our way in too ;) Even though my parents were out of town, we met my sister's family and their good friends at the KC Pumpkin Patch -- and had the best time!

These two cousins/besties were inseparable as usual. Maren told me all she wanted for her birthday was to babysit my kids...to which I replied, "when can you start?!" HA!

I think I have a good idea of what Arden is going to look like when she's 9...

And then there's this guy. Yep, that look pretty much sums him up!

His cheese face though...

Cousins or sisters?!?

Have I mentioned that I love fall???

Now I'm not sure if they're wrestling or hugging, but I just love these pictures of Arden and Nash...and the buddha belly.

It's hard to believe that this time last year I was waddling around the pumpkin patch, and this year he's in jeans and boots--and the one doing the waddling!!

One thing that hasn't changed since last year's pumpkin patch visit: I'm still wishing Arden's outfit came in my size...

If there's a stage, you might as well get up and dance on it...right?!

And because I love a good family pumpkin patch pic...

We finished off the adventure with pumpkin cider donuts (umm...YUM) and then we loaded up our treasures. Chris always makes fun of me for loving free stuff (he says that if I saw a sign on the side of the road for "free snakes" that I'd pull over), but even he recognized how awesome it was that we didn't spend a penny all day AND came home with all of these beauties!

Sunday was another beautiful day! We went to church, ran errands, and worked in the yard. Arden was my mum buying assistant...and she took her job somewhat seriously ;)

Speaking of fun weekend activities, I recently shared our backyard campout experience over on the Kansas City Moms Blog.  Spoiler alert: it's my new favorite way to camp :)

Fall is definitely in full swing around these parts...and I couldn't be happier about it!
Happy Wednesday, friends!

October 5, 2015

Nash: 11 Months!

Height: TBD
Weight: Heavy!! ;)
Teeth: 10


First of all...can we just talk about this picture? I'm positive it's one of those that I'm going to look at in 10 years and wish I could reach into it and scoop you right up. Such pure, innocent sweetness. Even though you look like a baby in your diaper, you suddenly think you're a big kid who needs to do big kid things. I go back and forth between being excited about your new skills and crying over them because they make you seem less and less like my little baby. I also cry because you are into 
e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g...but that's another story ;)  Here's what you've been up to this month...

The day after I wrote your 10 month post, you walked across the living room. I saw you let go of the ottoman, look at a basket of toys, and then walk right over to them like you'd done it every day of your life. I knew it was going to happen at any moment, but it still shocked me! I didn't want to miss documenting the moment so I gave Arden a quick lessons on iPhone videos and handed the phone over to her. She definitely needs some practice, but I think it makes the video of your first steps even sweeter :) You've pretty much cut out crawling altogether now and your steps get steadier by the day. I won't be surprised if you're running by your birthday (which is a slightly terrifying thought!)

You give the best kisses. Open mouth, of course. Somedays I think you've missed your dad because you attack him with a 30-second kiss right when he walks in the door.

You're showing a lot more interest in books! Your sister was/is such a bookworm, so I was surprised that you preferred to throw them rather than read them. But now you'll sit through one (maybe two) stories at night...and I catch you flipping through pages and babbling when you're playing on your own.

You can clap! You took your time but I think you just like to master skills before you prove to us that you can do them.

I used to joke that I "couldn't take my eye off you"...but now I'm serious...I really can't. You never cease to amaze me with the things you can climb or the trouble you can cause in the time it takes me to go to the bathroom. And Lord knows I can't take you with me or you try to push me off so you can get your hands in the toilet bowl. Crazy, crazy boy.

Sometimes I'll be sitting on the ground and you just come over and lean in for a hug...or turn around and back right up into my lap. You're a mommas boy and I'm not complaining ;)

You love peek-a-boo, the wheels on the bus, this little piggy, and of course, the "sittin' in my high chair" song. It was a favorite of your sister's too!

You could hear the sound of our porch doors sliding open from a mile away--and be there in 10 seconds flat to try to make your escape. You looove being outside.

You're starting to have an opinion, and it comes in the forms of a high-pitched, ear piercing scream. It means "don't take that toy from me", "but I wanted to do something dangerous", and most often "give me your food!!!!"

Oh Nash, you are one crazy boy...but I couldn't love you more :)