Sunflower State of Mind: 19 Weeks...Better Late than Never?

June 4, 2014

19 Weeks...Better Late than Never?

When I was documenting my pregnancy with Arden, I remember people telling me that things would probably be different the second time around...and of course I thought, "Not for me! I'll be just as diligent for the second baby." 

And then it took me 19 weeks to take a single bump picture.

Yikes!!! Can I just pretend there was some kind of freak internet shut-down where I lost all of the journaling I'd done the first half of my pregnancy?!
Oh well...I'm doing it now!  Something is better than nothing, right?!

Oh and did you expect me to put on some real clothes for this picture?!  I contemplated it...but then I decided my yoga pants were just way too comfortable :) Just keeping it real around here, folks!

How far along: 19 weeks

Size of Baby C: 6 inches

Fruit/vegetable comparison (according to Baby Center): Heirloom Tomato

 Total weight gain: 7-8lbs

Sleep:  I'm sleeping great at night, but can't seem to snooze past 6am.  At least is gives me a little time to get ready for the day before Arden wakes up.

Movement: It's becoming more consistent!  I couldn't believe it when I first felt him move around 15 weeks...a whole 3 weeks earlier than last time.  I'll take it!

Unglamorous body changes: My blue veins are a little on the scary side!! They're extra noticeable because of my fair skin--it's like a neon roadmap all over my body.  In other words, I'm in desperate need of a spray tan!!!

Maternity Clothes?  I started rocking the maternity tops a few weeks ago (mainly so people would suspect I was pregnant and not just oddly-shaped, ha) but I'm still wearing regular pants most of the time.  Oh and my fabulous roll-down wunder unders...Erin changed my life when she introduced me to them!!!!  Best purchase EVER.

Showing: I think so but a stranger probably wouldn't know yet.  I'm definitely bigger than I was at this point last time though!

Food cravings: Fruit, chipins, and lemon cookies. Yes, lemon cookies...thanks for that one, Dad.

What I miss: This summer weather has got me craving a cold beer.  Sometimes I just smell Chris' and that makes me feel a little better ;)

Anything making you queasy: Not anymore...finally!!! I think I turned the corner between 16-17 weeks. Hallelujah!

Milestones: Baby's senses are developing this week and he'll soon be able to hear my voice :)

Best moment this week: Seeing a healthy baby boy at our ultrasound last Wednesday and sharing the news with our family and friends.  Nothing better!!!!

Looking forward to: Nursery planning! This boy thing is going to be a whole new ballgame and I'm so excited about it!

So that's that! 21 weeks to go! I probably won't post these updates every week, but I'm determined to beat the 1/19 average I've got going so far ;)


  1. Yay for a bump date!! Can't blame ya, taking care of a toddler keeps me busy enough, I can't imagine doing it while pregnant! I am going to use you for inspiration & motivation that I can do it, too! ;)

    PS - You look amazing!!! Yoga pants and all!

  2. I am totally guilty of doing the same with baby #2. Heck, we are due in 2 weeks and have yet to get the nursery going. Funny how over-prepared you are with the first, and then for the second time just seems to go SO fast you can't keep up!
    You look fantastic, and congratulations!!

  3. You are super tiny, I might be a smidge jealous because I feel like a whale!!! I think the fact that you were moving, building a house, living with family might have hindered your posting about baby #2 from the get-go. I'd cut yourself some slack!!! :) You can turn your average around just like you said!!! :) Can't wait to see your plans for the nursery in the new house!

  4. You look so great! Cute and tiny :) I didn't start bump posts with either of my pregnancies until 18 weeks either, just because I felt like I had no bump to show yet! And feeling them move even earlier the second time around is the best :)

  5. You are so petite with such an adorable bump! Glad you finally got around to an update because I enjoyed reading it :)

  6. What an adorable teeny, tiny bump! Have fun planning that boys nursery! :)

  7. How cute are you?!!? look great! And yoga pants ARE real clothes...I'm trying to figure out how I can work them into my "business casual" attire! Haha!

  8. You are a pretty preggo, darling :) And congratulations, too!!

  9. Girlfriend, you are seriously the cutest thing ever!! Your bump is way too perfect - love it!!

  10. You look adorable! So tiny! I can't want to see the awesome ideas you come up with for a BOY!

  11. such a cute bump, and yes, second child syndrome is bad... I make the case that I *want* things to be different so they each have something special (that's what i'll say when she asks why i didnt take weekly pictures of her growing the first year, not because "i was too lazy"!

  12. You adorable! And yes the second time around is so different!

  13. You happen to be the cutest pregnant gal around. No joke. I aspire to BE YOU in my roll down lulus...

  14. Cute! I'm glad you're feeling better! What program/app do you use to "write on" your photos?

  15. yay!! Love this!! So happy to be following along!! (did I use enough !!!) haha xoxo

  16. you're so skinny! I wish I looked that thin at 19 weeks with Harper!

  17. Oh goodness. You are adorable, and that bump is the CUTEST!!!

  18. I'm loving your bump, friend! You and that little man are looking fabulous :) and I'm so glad you've been able to feel him early/consistently!

  19. You are cute as a button! Real clothes are overrated. Entirely. Hooray for finally getting around to a bump pictures, do it just a little more often!